Low weight – high strength: Composites by vombaur

Lightweight components made of vombaur fabrics – stronger than metal and yet extremely light: these are composites made of seamlessly woven high-performance fibres and special resin systems.

High-strength textile composite materials made of carbon, aramid, glass, and hybrids

Round woven tubulars and woven 3D textiles: the fibres of our composite fabrics made of carbon, aramid, glass and hybrids are seamlessly woven. This ensures the exceptional strength and high stiffness. After all, vombaur 3D woven fabrics are formed without seam or weld contours. There are no undesirable break points with us.

Light weight, perfect fit, high rigidity: form-woven composites

Aviation, automotive, mechanical engineering, electronics, medical technology and much more. In many industries, parts need to be just as lightweight as they are capable of bearing loads. You can rely on our composite fabrics. And we offer an impressive variety of forms: flat woven fabrics, round woven tubulars, 3D woven fabrics, spiral woven fabrics and preforms in the most diverse geometries.

Composite textiles to your specifications

MaterialCarbon, aramid, glass, hybrids
FinenessCarbon: 1 K to 48 K
Glass: 11 tex to 1200 tex
FibresMultifil, twisted
WidthStandard: up to 350 mm
Custom-made products: up to 950 mm
Weaving TechniqueNeedle or shuttle technology
3D-Profile and chamber systemsT, double T, star shape, hollow chamber structures, omega profiles
BindingTaffeta, twill, satin, special bindings
FinishingPowder-coated, non-woven coated, hot melt adhesive component
Custom manufactureWith two identical selvedges, with elasticated weft
AssemblyPreform, delivered as kit, custom designs


Unique composite materials made of textiles and resin systems

  • High strength composites
  • Made of carbon, aramid, glass, and hybrids
  • Woven using needle or shuttle technology
  • Up to 350 mm width, custom-made products up to 950 mm
  • Lightweight
  • Carbon fibres in 1 K up to 48 K
  • Glass fibres as multiple twisted yarns and in texturized version
  • Powder or fleece coated
  • Unidirectional (UD) woven fabrics
  • With elasticated weft
  • No trim edges, no fraying
  • With two identical selvedges


Numerous applications in a wide variety of industries

  • Propeller or wing reinforcements in aircraft
  • Transport rollers
  • Wind turbines
  • Brake or grindings discs
  • Machine components and bearing structures
  • Skis and Snowboards
  • Prostheses and orthoses
  • Refurbishment of chimneys and bridge piers
  • and much more


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